Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We moved over the weekend. We were in a ranch before, and now have a colonial. I like the bedrooms upstairs, but now there is a door in the kitchen that closes off the steps to the basement. Since the cat's litter boxes are in the basement, we got a cat door so they could just hop thru it and we wouldn't have to leave that door open all the time. Well, my cats are so massive that I had to get a plus size cat door. Seriously!!

And when one moves to Parma, you must have a pink flamingo:

Then there are these guys. My mom was sure my dad was losing his marbles, when he yelled that there were ducks on my new tree lawn. Not really something you see everyday. Turns out he was right and the ducks have been back everyday since then. There's a pond very close to our house so I'm assuming that that is their home and they just stopped by for a visit. It's a male & female pair of mallards, who I've heard mate for life. Very cute :-)

Saturday, April 10, 2010


In no particular order here's some random stuff.

Ray & I bought a house in Parma!! Here's a picture of the outside. I'll post more pics once we close & get the keys (which should be in the next week or so). What a crazy process, buying a house. The paperwork alone is enough to make you say, "forget it, I'll go back and live with my mom"!!! And now you've got the government involved so it's twice as ridiculous! However, as much as I may not agree with it, I'll be happy to take my $8,000 in Obama money!

So I get home on Friday and after going into the bathroom I'm convinced that my husband may be trying to kill or at the very least seriously injure me. Here's a picture of my vanity, note the drill that is pointed right at eye level when one bends down to wash her face before bed. Seriously??? I'm so clumsy I could have easily lost sight in my right eye with that thing!! I guess the upside is the bottles of 409 and Goo Gone also left by the sink. Either he was cleaning up the mess he made with the drill or going to wipe up the blood after I hurt myself. (The real story is that Ray is painting all the wood work in the house & had to dismantle part of the bathroom window to paint it)

Here's the latest edition to our little family. As some of you know I had a black cat named Zen that we had to have put to sleep a few years ago. I was checking out some of the local shelter's websites and saw this guy. There's just something about a black cat. They look a little mysterious but he's the sweetest cat ever. We brought him home on New Year's eve and you would have thought he's lived here forever. He went around from person to person, jumping into their lap and just wanting to be loved & petted. We named him Toshi. In Japanese, Toshi loosely translates into "mirror image". We thought this was appropriate because he looks so much like Zen. He's also huge, weighing in at about 17 lbs.!!!

I needed a garbage bag and Toshi needed a place to hang out.

In honor of Dick Goddard (very ancient, local weather man), here is a "woolly bear" that showed up on our door step last fall. I thought he was cute & took his picture.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Saturday Night Snuggie Fun

We are hardly what you'd call party animals. We ordered take out from Melt and watched a movie. Here's Mark & Linda bundled up in the Snuggies I just had to buy because they matched our couches!

Hey, I'm pregnant and they are tired from remodeling their kitchen, this is about all we were up for.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Santa Claus is coming to...

Brooklyn??? A few weeks before Christmas I'm sitting in the living room watching reruns of Beverly Hills 90210, and I hear this really, really loud Christmas music. I'm not really sure where it's coming from, but Ray jumps up, throws open the front door & yells, "Santa is coming, get the camera!!" WTF???

Apparently ever since he was a kid (for those of you that don't know, we live in the house that he grew up in) the city puts Santa on the back of a 4-wheeler and drives him through the city blasting Christmas.

So this is what we saw come past the house:

Vegas Baby!!!

I covered the wedding, on to the honeymoon. I guess if you've seen one picture of Las Vegas, you've seen them all, so here is our side trip to the Hoover Dam. I would highly reccomend seeing it if you're ever in Vegas. It's about the distance from Cleveland to Akron and very cool!!

I love this picture! It was warm, we wern't at work, I still had a little bit of a tan from the wedding. Now its cold & gross outside :-(

Lake Mead

In the rocks is a bunker from WWII. While they were building the Damn, they started to think that they better protect it as it would be a good target for the enemy should they bring the war over here.

Colorado River

Ginormous bridge being built over the River. Half is on the Arizona side & half is on the Nevada side. Apparently the states argued over what to name the bridge and settled on O'Callaghan-Tillman Memorial Bridge. O'Callaghan was some old governor from Nevada, and Pat Tillman was the Arizona Cardinals football player who joined the army after 9-11 and was killed in Iraq. (Personally, I think they could have named the entire thing after Pat Tillman, because from what I've read about that governor, he didn't do anything earth shattering.)

The top of the Damn. It's impossible to get the entire thing in a picture, unless you're in a helicopter.

The power plant at the Damn.

I guess technically we made it to 2 states that day!

And that is how we spent our summer vacation:-)

Monday, December 28, 2009

It's been awhile!

I know I haven't posted anything in many months, but I've been busy! Here are some wedding photos (in no particular order):

Me & Ray with my mom, dad & bro:

Me, my parents & bro in the back yard before leaving for the church:

Me, Ray, his mom, step dad, brother (also the best man), sister and nieces:
Our very lovely and delicious cake:

Ray & I with Linda (MoH), and Mike (Best Man):
Ray & I in church:
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church:

It was a fun day, but already seems like soooo long ago!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Put-in-Bay, Butterfly Sex and Raspberries

Linda & I went to Put in Bay on Friday. Before we left she asked me "What do you do on Put in Bay?" I said "I don't know, but there must be something to see or do." I suppose if you had a boat it would be far more interesting. If we would have stayed overnight and I could have drank my way up & down the Bay, that would have been good too! However, I think that you can actually get busted for DUI on a golf cart, so I wasn't taking any chances...

We got an insanely slow golf cart, but it was ok for a leisurely drive around the lake. Here's Linda in our cart...

Here's the lake (and some Loch Ness looking thing sticking up out of it)...

Then we went to a butterfly exhibit. You just walk into this little room and the butterflies are flying around all over the place. They will even land on you if you hold still. I thought it would be something interesting to do. Linda has a thing about birds, they freak her out and she's worried about getting her eyes pecked out. I didn't realized this also applied to butterflies. So we get in there, and they are right there in your face, and she looks like she's going to cry or wet her pants. It is a little strange at first but they are pretty non-threatening. Meanwhile, there were 2 year-olds running around and giggling, but she soon calmed down and we enjoyed the butterflies.

And then there were these butterflies... I had no idea, but they only have a life span of 2 weeks!! 2 weeks!! What a waste of prettiness for only 2 weeks. But I digress... I thought this one orange butterfly was hurt and his friend was trying to help him. Well, no, I was wrong, apparently this is butterfly mating...

These little yellow guys were going at it too...

Butterfly love, who knew...

Here's Calvin looking how I felt after we got home on Friday night:

As I've always said, Linda & I could have fun doing anything or nothing. There really is nothing to do on Put in Bay, but we had a great time!

Here's some of the bumper crop of raspberries we had recently:

Yummy, yummy!!

And here's some wedding cuteness:

My mom is working on my card box for the wedding reception. Soooo cute!!